Robots Save Mars Mission Crew Member

Unanticipated events have forced an immediate evacuation of the first Mars mission to have a live crew. Botnaut was unable to reach the escape pod in time for its emergency lift off and is now stranded on the Martian surface. To survive for months while waiting for the next mission to arrive, Botnaut needs help from your robots, which NASA has sent as an advance mission to prepare a new Habitat on the Crater Floor to sustain the next crew. Fortunately, the crater floor is not too far from the Rift Valley, where Botnaut is searching for Water Deposits, Sealed Potatoes, and scavenging survival gear from an earlier lander. The survival gear – an Oxygen Generator (O2G) and a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG) – are in need of maintenance for long-term occupation of the Habitat your robots are constructing.

The storm has knocked out most radio communications, but your robots can still get directions from NASA via a Telemetry Panel located near the Habitat. Using communication can assist your robots in helping Botnaut get to the new habitat with as many resources as possible.

Saving Botnaut will also require your robots to do a number of things to ready the crew quarters for habitation. One of these will be to clean the Martian Dirt off of each Solar Array (defined as a Solar Panel atop a Battery) already set up on the Crater Rim and, if possible, add to their number. Care must be taken getting up to the Crater Rim since it might require traversing a treacherous Crater Slope up the crater wall. On the Crater Floor, your robots will need to retrieve a supply of Sealed Potatoes from their storage location within an insulated container – the Potato Bin – underneath the Crater Rim. By adding Water Deposits and Martian Dirt in the right proportions, as well as special Composter located near the Habitat, it is possible to get the potatoes to begin growing as a food source for keeping Botnaut alive once pre-packaged food supplies on hand have been exhausted.

As for the Rift Valley, the shortest route requires clearing a pathway – the Ross Gate – of Debris to get to Botnaut, but there is also a longer route free of obstacles. One word of caution: a second team of robots is also at work at the other end of the crater performing similar tasks to yours to provide mission redundancy, but the communications damage might have them making efforts that conflict with your attempts to help Botnaut.