KIPR Autonomous Aerial Robot Tournament

The Challenge

Land the Rocket

In front of you are four landing pads. The first is fixed and stationary, however the next three are moving. You will need to successfully land on multiple pads in order to win this year’s challenge. The further away the pad, the faster it moves. Pads will move in a predictable manner where your robot will be able to calculate the appropriate trajectory to land.


Download the 2017 KIPR Autonomous Aerial Robot Tournament (AART) v 1.1 (updated January 2017)

Download the 2017 KIPR AART Field Construction Model v 1.0

KIPR AART Discussion and FAQs

The Botball Community website hosts the KIPR AART Discussion forum where you can discuss the game or tournament and see the latest version of the official 2017 AART FAQ.