There are many volunteer opportunities for the Botball community to help ensure a successful Global Conference. We hope that many of our attendees will choose to fill a volunteer position at some point during the conference.

For people who are not registered to attend the full conference, we can offer an a la carte ticket for a specific conference event if you sign up to be a volunteer (2 hour minimum) or a complimentary t-shirt! If you’re already registered for the full event you can opt for a free t-shirt in exchange for volunteer hours (2 hour minimum).

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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Tournament Set Up
Event set up will occur the day before the conference begins at the venue. Event set up includes (but is not limited to) setting up the following: tournament tables, registration, judging materials, student pit area, signage, merchandise, etc. The Botball production and program managers will be available throughout set up to provide direction and instruction.

Table Timer
Table timers will be assigned to the arena area during all open practice times to make sure teams are using only the allotted amount of time on the tournament tables. Their duties will include timing the teams on a given table with a stop watch and letting them know when their time is up.

Merchandise Table
Merchandise table volunteers will sell Botball products near the tournament arena area during open practice sessions and during tournament times. Merchandise volunteers will take payments for Botball merchandise sold at the conference and will receive instructions on how to complete their duties when they arrive for their shift.

Score Runners
Score runners will work in the tournament arena area. Their task will be to get the score sheets from the tournament tables to the scorekeeper and to inform the on deck managers when tournament tables are open and available for the next team. Score runners will receive instruction from a Botball staff member prior to the start of each tournament session.

On Deck Assistant
On deck volunteers will be responsible for getting the students into the on deck area in an orderly manner and out of the on deck area as tournament tables become available. On deck volunteers will receive instruction from a Botball staff member prior to the start of each tournament session.

Onsite Presentation Assistant
The onsite presentation assistant will assist the presentation judges by intercepting and organizing teams as they enter the presentation area. This person will send the teams to the correct presentation judge at their appointed time and collect the score sheets as presentations are complete.

Junior Botball Challenge

JBC volunteers can help with set up, challenges, and more.  You will have the opportunity to celebrate student’s success and encourage their hard work.